Targus Discloses Cyberattack Following Detection of Hackers on File Servers

Cyber Attack

Targus, a renowned maker of laptop and tablet accessories, has disclosed a cyberattack that disrupted its operations following the detection of hackers accessing the company's file servers.

Targus, recognized for its stylish laptop bags and accessories, including tablet cases, docking stations, keyboards, and mice, faced this security breach on April 5th, 2024, as outlined in a Monday evening FORM 8-K filing submitted to the SEC by its parent company, B. Riley Financial, Inc.

According to the filing, threat actors breached Targus' file systems, prompting the company to activate incident response and business continuity protocols immediately upon discovery. This response involved engaging external cybersecurity counsel and consultants to investigate, contain, and remediate the incident.

The containment efforts disrupted unauthorized access and temporarily interrupted Targus' network operations as part of proactive measures to prevent further compromise. The company is currently recovering its internal systems with the support of cybersecurity experts.

While Targus has not confirmed any data theft, the nature of the breach involving file systems raises concerns that data may have been exfiltrated. The company has notified regulatory authorities and law enforcement about the unauthorized access incident.

As of now, no ransomware groups or threat actors have claimed responsibility for the cyberattack.