Keytronic Reports Theft of Personal Information in Ransomware Attack


Keytronic, a prominent manufacturer specializing in printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), has acknowledged a data breach following the publication of allegedly stolen data by a ransomware group targeting its network.

According to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the cyber incident occurred on May 6, resulting in significant disruptions and restricted access to the company’s business applications. Keytronic reported disruptions to operations including financial and operating reporting systems.

As a precautionary measure, the company halted operations in the US and Mexico for a two-week period, although international operations were unaffected. All impacted corporate functions have since been fully restored.

An investigation into the attack revealed that a limited amount of data, including personally identifiable information, was accessed and exfiltrated from Keytronic's systems. The company is currently in the process of notifying potentially affected individuals and regulatory authorities in compliance with applicable laws.

Keytronic disclosed in its filing that the cyberattack incurred approximately $600,000 in expenses related to external cybersecurity experts. Furthermore, the disruption to production and costs associated with recovery efforts are anticipated to have a significant impact on its financial results for the fourth quarter ending June 29, 2024.

While Keytronic did not specify the full extent of the data breach or identify the responsible threat actor, its disclosure followed the publication of over 500 gigabytes of allegedly stolen data by the Black Basta ransomware group on its Tor-based leak site. The data claimed to include financial documents, engineering data, human resources information, corporate records, and other sensitive data.

Keytronic specializes in precision plastic molding, precision metal finishing, and assembly services, serving various industries such as computer technology, telecommunications, medical devices, automotive, aerospace, and more.