RatMilad can secretly record your phone calls

Malware Attack

A new malware has been reported to spy on the victims' conversations, stealing data and accessing private corporate systems. Named As RatMilad is seeking targets in the Middle East to spy on and steal data. As reported this new spyware RatMilad acts as a Remote Access Trojan and is capable of stealing a wide variety of data along with spying on the victims' conversations. It has been used for cyber espionage, extortion, eavesdropping the conversation and recording phone calls.
As generally found in other spyware, the data stolen from the users could be used to access private corporate systems, blackmail and a lot more.
The most critical part of this spyware is, it is distributed through a fake phone spoofing app called "NumRent". When installed, the app request permissions and then abuses them to sideload the RatMilad spyware. The hackers have even created a website to promote the app via Telegram and other social media platforms tricking the users to download and install it. Once installed the spyware hides behind the VPN and collects data on the device as well as the user's contacts, call logs, texts, GPS location and much more.