Blackcat Ransomware Attack on UnitedHealth Unit Causes US Pharmacy Outage, Sources Report


Hackers affiliated with the 'Blackcat' ransomware gang caused a major outage at UnitedHealth's technology unit, disrupting prescription deliveries across the US for six days. The breach occurred after the hackers gained access to Change Healthcare's IT systems. Neither Change Healthcare nor UnitedHealth responded immediately for comments. Mandiant, Alphabet's cybersecurity unit, is investigating the breach.

Blackcat is notorious for ransomware attacks on major businesses like MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment. Despite a takedown in December by US-led international law enforcement, Blackcat remains active. The incident underscores the persistent threat posed by ransomware groups, despite efforts to disrupt them.

CISA and the FBI did not respond immediately to requests for comment. Expert opinion suggests that digital disruptions may not permanently halt ransomware groups' activities, as they aim for significant financial gains.