French Government Reports Unprecedented Surge in Cyberattacks

Cyber Attack

The French government revealed on Monday that it has been subjected to a series of cyberattacks characterized by "unprecedented intensity." Prime Minister Gabriel Attal's office announced the activation of a special crisis center to address the situation and restore online services.

According to official statements, the cyberattacks commenced on Sunday night, targeting multiple government ministries. While specific details regarding the nature of the attacks were not disclosed, efforts were made to mitigate their impact by Monday afternoon, leading to the restoration of access to government websites for most services.

Although a group called Anonymous Sudan, known to cybersecurity experts as pro-Russia, claimed responsibility for the attacks through online posts, the French authorities have refrained from confirming these claims or providing specific information regarding the targeted entities or the extent of the damage caused.

Reports suggest that the attacks were denial-of-service attacks, a common tactic involving the flooding of a website with data to overwhelm its capacity and disrupt its normal functioning.

This incident comes amidst France's concerted efforts to bolster its cyber defenses ahead of the Paris Olympics scheduled for this summer. It also follows previous ransomware attacks, including those targeting hospitals in 2021, underscoring the persistent threat posed by cyber adversaries to critical infrastructure and government institutions.