Fujitsu Discovers Malware Infection, Confirms Customer Data Breach

Cyber Attack

Fujitsu, a leading Japanese tech giant renowned for its expansive IT services and global presence, has disclosed a significant cybersecurity incident. The company revealed that several of its systems were infected with malware, resulting in the unauthorized access and potential theft of customer data.

The announcement, published on the firm's news portal, outlines the discovery of malware on various business computers, raising concerns about the compromise of sensitive information belonging to customers.

In response to the incident, Fujitsu swiftly isolated the affected systems and implemented enhanced monitoring measures across its network. However, the company is continuing its investigation to determine the extent of the breach and the specific data that may have been compromised.

While Fujitsu has not received reports of customer data misuse thus far, it has notified the Personal Information Protection Commission and is in the process of preparing individual notifications for impacted customers.

This incident follows a previous cybersecurity breach in May 2021, where Fujitsu's ProjectWEB tool was exploited to gain unauthorized access to government agencies' offices, resulting in the theft of email addresses and proprietary data. Despite subsequent investigations and the discontinuation of ProjectWEB, vulnerabilities were discovered, emphasizing the ongoing challenges in safeguarding against sophisticated cyber threats.