Russian-Backed Hacktivists Launch DDoS Cyberattack on Alabama

Cyber Attack

Alabama's state and city governments are facing ongoing network disruptions following cyber incidents that have impacted their systems. Governor Kay Ivey confirmed that a cyberattack targeting state systems began on March 12, although she assured that neither networks nor system data were compromised.

Meanwhile, on March 6, the city of Birmingham reported a network issue affecting city systems, including disruptions to law enforcement's capabilities in verifying stolen vehicles or checking for arrest warrants. However, Birmingham officials have not provided further details regarding the incident.

Additionally, the Alabama state government experienced a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack attributed to Anonymous Sudan, a hacktivist group believed to have ties to the Russian government. Jeremy Ward, a spokesman for the Alabama Office of Information on Technology, stated that the disruptions were initially widespread across state services but have since diminished as measures were taken to counter the attack.

Anonymous Sudan has previously conducted DDoS attacks against various targets, including Israel, Europe, and the messaging app Telegram.