Cyber Attack Impacts Duvel Beer Production

Cyber Attack

Belgian beer firm Duvel experienced a cyber-attack, suspected to be ransomware, causing production halts at four of its breweries. The attack occurred overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday, with five production facilities initially shut down, though one has since resumed operations. The company is currently investigating the incident and is unable to provide further details.

According to Duvel, their IT systems promptly detected the attack, triggering the shutdown of servers across the affected sites in Belgium and Kansas City. While one facility in Puurs-Sint-Amands has resumed production, the other four remain offline.

Duvel, renowned for brands like Chouffe, Vedett, and Liefmans, generated €583 million in revenue in 2022, producing approximately 230 million litres of beer. The impact of the cyber-attack on product supply remains uncertain.

The nature of the attack, confirmed as ransomware by Duvel to local media, involves hackers threatening to block or leak files unless a ransom is paid. The company's prompt response and activation of built-in command systems and alarms demonstrate its commitment to mitigating the impact of such cyber incidents.

This incident underscores the vulnerability of critical infrastructure, even in traditional industries like brewing, to cyber threats. As investigations continue, Duvel emphasizes its dedication to restoring operations while ensuring the integrity and security of its IT systems.

The situation raises concerns about the potential disruption to Duvel's supply chain and the broader implications for its reputation and financial stability. It also highlights the growing prevalence of ransomware attacks targeting businesses across various sectors, emphasizing the importance of robust cybersecurity measures and incident response protocols.