Belgian Grand Prix Email Account Compromised for Phishing Scam

Cyber Attack

The official contact email for the Belgian Grand Prix event, Spa Gran Prix, fell victim to hackers who utilized it in a phishing scam targeting fans. The Spa Gran Prix, a renowned Formula 1 World Championship race held at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Stavelot, Belgium, is scheduled to take place between July 26 and 28 this year, with tickets available through the official website.

Known for its challenging track layout, rich history, and unpredictable weather conditions, the event draws Formula 1 enthusiasts from across the globe.

According to a press release the race organizer revealed that the email account was compromised on Sunday, March 17, 2024. Subsequently, the threat actor behind the breach sent deceptive emails to an undisclosed number of recipients.

The fraudulent emails claimed that recipients could claim a €50 voucher for purchasing F1 Grand Prix tickets by clicking on an embedded link. However, the link redirected users to a counterfeit website resembling the official Spa Grand Prix portal, where they were prompted to provide personal information, including banking details.

Reacting swiftly, SPA GP issued warnings via email within hours of the phishing attempt, advising recipients not to click on any provided links. Furthermore, the organization enlisted the assistance of its IT security subcontractor to bolster security measures and promptly reported the incident to the Belgian cyber police on March 18.

SPA GP intends to pursue legal action by filing a civil claim with an examining magistrate in the coming days. When queried about the extent of the breach and the information accessed by hackers, SPA GP declined to provide further details, citing the ongoing criminal investigation.

Fans concerned about the security of their data are encouraged to reach out to SPA GP's secretariat, especially if they have previously purchased tickets. Importantly, SPA GP stressed that the incident did not affect its official website,, and reassured fans that the ticketing system remains fully secure.